A meeting was arranged with representatives of paint industries of Bangladesh at the department of ChE, BUET on 8 December, 2019. Representatives from six leading manufacturers of paints like Asian Paints (Bangladesh) Ltd, Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd, Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd, Nippon Paint (Bangladesh) Private Limited, Kansai Nerolac Paints (Bangladesh) Limited, and Rainbow
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The Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET organized a seminar titled ‘Challenges and Opportunities at different scales’ on November 30, 2019. The seminar was given by Professor Dr. Rafiqul Gani and was attended by academics and students from a variety of engineering backgrounds, as well as BUET alumni.

A collaboration between PSE for SPEED and CPI Safety group of the department of Chemical Engineering, BUET has been established under the leadership of Prof. Gani. The collaboration is currently working on a project on chemical substitution. Faculty members and graduate researchers of the department are involved in this project. A paper on Chemical Substitution
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An extensive graduate course for three weeks on “Sustainable Process Design in 12 Hierarchical Tasks,” was taught at ChE Department, BUET from 23 November to 11 December 2019. The course consisted of 6 lectures of 2 hours plus tutorials on own time of the course participants. The lectures introduced the participants to the synthesis-design-innovation concept
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New Head Of The Department

Prof. Dr. Md. Mominur Rahman has joined as the new Head of the Chemical Engineering Department.

ICChE 2020

The ‘Sixth International Conference on Chemical Engineering ‘ (ICChE 2020), held from 19-22 December, 2020, was held virtually.