Research-Education collaboration

A collaboration between PSE for SPEED and CPI Safety group of the department of Chemical Engineering, BUET has been established under the leadership of Prof. Gani. The collaboration is currently working on a project on chemical substitution. Faculty members and graduate researchers of the department are involved in this project. A paper on Chemical Substitution is being prepared under this collaboration for publication in the Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering (COCHE) journal. Two conference papers on this topic have already been presented in AIChE Annual Meeting 2020 and ICChE 2020.

Under the 3rd MA Naser Chair, a collaborative research work on integrated design and control of reactive distillation column has been performed. This was a very successful collaboration, which resulted in publication of an AIChE Journal paper titled “Integrated Design and Control of Reactive Distillation Processes Using the Driving Force Approach”. Moreover, two conference papers – one presented in the 2020 AIChE annual meeting and the other to be presented in ESCAPE-31 – have been published.

Associate Prof. Mohidus Samad Khan presented his research group to Prof. Rafiqul Gani and during the discussion, his research results on bio-sensor was identified as topic for a review-perspective paper in a special issue on chemical product design that Prof. Gani is organizing for the COCHE journal.