Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology began its journey in 1947 as one of the five departments that comprised what was then known as Ahsanullah Engineering College. Since then, the graduates of this department have continued to play a vital role in the development and improvement of the chemical and allied industries in Bangladesh, and even beyond the borders. The versatility in this field of study has equipped the graduates with the skills to flourish in almost every sector of the economy.

The department offers B.Sc. Engineering, M.Sc. Engineering, M. Engineering and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering. Each course has been designed to incorporate modern concepts of chemical engineering, with a focus on industrial aspects. About 300 undergraduates and 50 graduate students are currently enrolled. The faculty consists of 22 members, with Dr. Syeda Sultana Razia as the current head of the department.

Spotlight: M A Naser Chair

Dr. Rafiqul Gani

Freelance Professor

Holder of M A Naser Chair

The department is pleased to announce that this year, the holder of the prestigious M A Naser Chair is Dr. Rafiqul Gani. He served as professor of systems design at the Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, The Technical University of Denmark until 2017 and is the former head and co-founder of the Computer Aided Process Engineering Center (CAPEC). Dr. Gani co-founded and is currently the CEO of the company “PSE for SPEED”, which provides innovative, accurate and consistent engineering solutions very fast to industrial clients. Dr. Gani will be conducting a short course on novel software solutions for industrial problems this December at the Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET. Details can be found on the Events section.