Tanzim Ur Rahman

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Email: tanzimurrahman@che.buet.ac.bd


B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology


Environmental Engineering and Nanomaterials

Selected Publications

  1. Rahman, T.U.; Roy, H.; Islam, M.R.; Tahmid, M.; Fariha, A.; Mazumder, A.; Tasnim, N.; Pervez, M.N.; Cai, Y.; Naddeo, V.; et al. The Advancement in Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology toward Sustainable Industrial Wastewater Management. Membr. 2023, Vol. 13, Page 181 2023, 13, 181, doi:10.3390/MEMBRANES13020181.
  2. Roy, H.; Rahman, T.U.; Suhan, M.B.K.; Al-Mamun, M.R.; Haque, S.; Islam, M.S. A Comprehensive Review on Hazardous Aspects and Management Strategies of Electronic Waste: Bangladesh and Global Perspectives. Heliyon 2022, doi:10.2139/SSRN.4029212.