Tanzim Ur Rahman

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Email: tanzimurrahman@che.buet.ac.bd


B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology


Environmental Engineering and Nanomaterials

Selected Publications

  1. Rahman, T.U., Roy, H., Fariha, A., Shoronika, A.Z., Al-Mamun, M.R., Islam, S.Z., Islam, M.S., Marwani, H.M., Islam, A., Alsukaibi, A.K. and Rahman, M.M., 2023. Progress in plasma-based doping semiconductor photocatalysts for efficient pollutant remediation and hydrogen generation. Separation and Purification Technology, p.124141.
  2. Roy, H., Rahman, T.U., Tasnim, N., Arju, J., Rafid, M.M., Islam, M.R., Pervez, M.N., Cai, Y., Naddeo, V. and Islam, M.S., 2023. Microbial Fuel Cell Construction Features and Application for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment. Membranes13(5), p.490.
  3. Rahman, T.U., Roy, H., Islam, M.R., Tahmid, M., Fariha, A., Mazumder, A., Tasnim, N., Pervez, M.N., Cai, Y., Naddeo, V. and Islam, M.S., 2023. The Advancement in Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology toward Sustainable Industrial Wastewater Management. Membranes13(2), p.181.
  4. Roy, H., Rahman, T.U., Suhan, M.B.K., Al-Mamun, M.R., Haque, S. and Islam, M.S., 2022. A comprehensive review on hazardous aspects and management strategies of electronic waste: Bangladesh perspectives. Heliyon, p.e09802.
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