Dr. Syeda Sultana Razia



Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
University of Alberta
Alberta, Canada

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)


Process safety, Chemical safety and security, Distillation and separation processes, Effluent treatment

Selected Publications

Journal Publications:

  1. Mohammed Tahmid, Tarikul Islam, Md. Ahosan Habib Rakib, C M Touhid Amin, Sultana R. Syeda, “Failure Probability and Inspection Interval of Pressure Safety Valves: Case Study of a Gas Processing Plant”, ACS Health & Safety. 2022
  2. Sultana R Syeda, Easir A Khan, Nichakorn Kuprasertwong, Orakotch Padungwatanaroj and Rafiqul Gani, “A Model-Data Driven Chemical Analysis System for Products and Associated Processes”, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, Volume 49, 2022, 181-186
  3. Easir A. Khan and Sultana R. Syeda, “Chemical substitution in processes for inherently safer design: pros and cons”, Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC, De Gruyter, Volume 94, No. 7, 2022, 889-899
  4. Syeda, Sultana R., Khan, Easir A., Padungwatanaroj, O., Kuprasertwong, N. and Tula, Anjan K. “A Perspective on Hazardous Chemical Substitution in Consumer Products”, Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, Volume 36, June 2022, 10074
  5. Kazi Bayzid Kabir, Sultana Razia Syeda, Md Iqbal Hossain, Nahid Sanzida “Lesson Learned: Hosting Sixth International Conference on Chemical Engineering Virtually in the Midst of Pandemic” Development Review, National Academy for Planning and Development, (NAPD) Government of Bangladesh, Volume 31, 2021-2022
  6. Yousuf, M. R., Mahnaz, F. and Syeda, Sultana R., “Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) from Natural Precursors: A Review of Preparation Methods with Experimental Study on Jute Fiber”, Desalination and Water Treatment, Taylor and Francis, Volume 213, February 2021, 441-458.
  7. Ferdous, J., Mim, S. J., Jony, M. M. R., and Syeda, Sultana R. Occupational Risk Assessment in RMG, Textile and Ship Breaking Industries of Bangladesh. Chemical Engineering Research Bulletin, 22(1) 2021 69–76.
  8. Tahmid, M., Dey, S. and Syeda, Sultana R., “Mapping human vulnerability and risk due to chemical accidents”, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Elsevier, Volume 68, November 2020, 104289
  9. Sultana R. Syeda, “Framework for Sound Management of Chemicals: Toward a Sustainable Chemicals Industry in Bangladesh”, ACS Health & Safety. 2020, 27 (5) 288–298.
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