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Students from our department won the AIChE® Global Undergraduate Student Video Competition (for both Judge’s Choice and Team Choice category) beating universities all over the world.

The team, ‘The Ones with Chemicals’, consisted of three of our students, Pushan Alam, Nafiz Ahmed and Sadman Fakid,

Congratulations ‘The Ones with Chemicals’!

Check out the winning video:

The Ones with Chemicals – Ice Cream, Engineered Perfection


Laminaire 2018

Laminaire is a competition which enables the student from Chemical Engineering background to properly understand the flow patterns and the uses of laminar and turbulent flow. The aim of this competition is to achieve just that, by the design of a model which enhances the consistency of the flow of fluid through it by minimizing the turbulence.
With this aim, Laminaire 2018 was held for the first time in the Dept. of Chemical Engineering, BUET under Chemical Engineering Association and AIChE Student Chapter, BUET.
This time, 10 teams comprising of every level of the department participated in the competition and was won by team ABS of level 1, term 1.


Since 2015, the Department of Chemical Engineeering has organized ChemECar competitions, which was opened for nationwide participation in 2016 and 2017. Around the world, students of chemical engineering participate in ChemECar competitions, where they showcase their skills in designing and constructing a car that will be powered by a chemical energy source, and carry a specified load over a fixed distance. To know more about ChemECar, visit