Seminar on “Engineering Principles in Medicine”

13-04-17 chemical 0 comment

A seminar by Dr. Syed Faiyaz Ahmed Hossainy held on ‘Engineering Principles in Medicine’ was held on 12th April in MME Seminar Room. The faculty and post graduate students of the Department of Chemical Engineering, all other departments of BUET and also from various related departments of other universities were invited.
Dr. Syed Faiyaz Ahmed Hossainy is currently the Senior Research Fellow at Abbott Vascular, USA and also serves as Adjunct Professor, at the Department of Bioengineering, UC Berkeley. He obtained his BSc. in Chemical Engineering in 1988, from the Department of Chemical Engineering at BUET and went on to complete is MSc. and PhD from the department of Chemical Engineering at University of Texas at Austin, USA in 1992 and 1994, respectively.
Due to his engineering background and work/research experience with biological fluids, devices, biomaterials and drug delivery he possesses a unique skillset which will prove highly useful to those faculty and graduates of BUET who are interested to venture into the fields of Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Combined with this, his passion to contribute to his alma mater, BUET gives us an opportunity to hone our graduates to contribute to these fields, both locally and globally.
Dr Hossainy talked about the various medical device technologies that he had worked upon in his capacity as a research fellow at Abbott Vascular Inc. The design and deployment of these devices relied heavily on engineering principles. He also discussed potential future projects that engineering graduates could work upon. The faculty and post graduate students interacted with Dr Hossainy enthusiastically and future avenues for research in BUET were discussed.