Workshop on “Self-Assessment Initiation and Team Building”

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The first workshop of the Self Assessment process for the Department of Chemical Engineering was held on March 7th 2017 at 11.30am at the ARI Seminar Room.

After inauguration by the head of the department, Dr. Ijaz Hossain, the following presentations were delivered.

  1. “IQAC and Self-Assessment” by Dr.  M. Rafiqul Islam, Director, IQAC, BUET & Professor, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  2. “Student Evaluation and Learning Outcomes” by Dr. Iqbal Mahmud, Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET
  3. “Outcome Based Education” and “Course File Documentation” by Dr. Kazi Bayzid Kabir, Additional Director, IQAC, BUET & Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET
  4. “Vision and Mission of Department” and “Questionnaires of SAC” by Dr. Nafisa Islam, Member, Self-Assessment Committee, ChE, BUET

The overall goals of the workshop were to

  • Build awareness among faculty members about the Self-Assessment and Quality Assurance and emphasize the importance of the Self-Assessment procedure.
  • Ensure cooperation and participation of all the faculty (and also staff) members of the Department of Chemical Engineering for the assessment.


Other specific objectives of the workshop were to discuss and finalize the following:

  • The mission and vision of the Department
  • program outcomes(PO) and program educational objectives (PEO)
  • course outcomes, course file preparation and maintainence by all teachers of the department
  • Stakeholder survey questionnaire modification teams and dissemination