ChemicalBUET is an organization dedicated to the students, academics and alumni of the Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET.

Chemical-BUET gives a platform to the members to share their professional and academic know-ledge, views, experiences and queries.
Established in April 2002, ChemicalBUET has now over 500 members (students and alumni); and this number is increasing steadily. At present ChemicalBUET is one of the largest chemical engineering communities in Bangladesh. The alumni members are working in industries: local and overseas; doing post-graduate studies in internationally renowned universities; conducting cutting edge research; or, working on different non-chemical engineering professions. ChemicalBUET is playing an important role to bridge all the members from different status, promoting social and professional interaction among the members and last but not the least, supporting Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET in organizing different academic train-ings and competitions.

Membership and Subscription

ChemicalBUET was initiated by few enthuse-astic students of ChE’97 (BUET) and founded by Eng. Ahmed Reaj Sajib of ChE’97. The initial idea was to offer a social platform to the students; and gradually it incorporated the alumni of Chemical Engineering Department, BUET. Over the years, student members joined as academics in the department after their graduation; at the same time a good number of the alumni, faculty and professionals, joined ChemicalBUET which enhanced and enriched ChemicalBUET activities in many folds. It believes in the ownership of the members. ChemicalBUET’s major strength is the active participation of the members in different group activities, dis-cussions and debates. It is now a popular brand to the BUET chemical engineering students and alumni.

Currently ChemicalBUET is hosted through yahoogroup and facebook; access to this group is limited to the members.


News and Networking

ChemicalBUET’s initial activities were to share and disseminate different departmental news, course-works and exam information. Shortly members started posting different chemical engineering course materials (supporting documents), postgraduate admission/ scholarship information and job circulations. Students were sharing their academic and research queries/experiences and seeking guidance/help from the seniors; and the seniors responded accordingly. In recent years faculties are disseminating relevant departmental news and notices through ChemicalBUET. This social and professional interaction among the members has become the major strength of ChemicalBUET. Today any new member can enjoy different documents/info on postgraduate admission, scholarships, university ranking, relevant job openings, immigration, departmental news/notices and relevant research articles.

Poster Competition

ChemicalBUET activities found new boost and directions since 2006-07 when ChemicalBUET extended its focus and activities to promote and support trainings and multidimensional competitions among the students and fresh graduates of the Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET. In 2008 ChemicalBUET envisioned initiating multidimensional com-petitions among the students and introduced the concept of Poster Presentation and Competition. The department welcomed the concept generously. That year the department introduced poster preparation in one of the undergraduate courses and at end of the year ChemicalBUET, the Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET and ICChE 2008 (2nd International Conference on Chemical Engineering, 2008) jointly organized the first ever International Poster Competition (held on 1st Jan, 2009) . The poster competition was a good success and was a milestone step for ChemicalBUET. Now, poster preparation and presentation are well integrated items in BUET ChE undergraduate courses as well as different departmental programs.

Thesis and Design Competition

The next major initiative from ChemicalBUET was to introduce the concept of Chemical Engineering Thesis and Design Competition to the fresh graduates and students of Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET. This com-petition aims to give the engineering students and early career researchers a competitive environment to achieve skills and excellence in engineering research/design and to present their work to bigger scientific and engineering community. Along with the department and Bangladesh Chemical Engineering Forum (BCEF), ChemicalBUET jointly organized the first ever Chemical Engineering Thesis Award Competition (Jan, 2010) in BUET. The competition received well appreciation from participants, audience and chemical engineering community. Our future plan is to involve other local universities in related fields and organize such competitions nationwide.


Early of this year (2010) ChemcialBUET has organized workshop on ‘Technical Writing and Presentation’ for the undergraduate students (third and fourth year) and fresh graduates. The workshop dis-cussed conference and journal article, article structures, manu-script preparation, writing style, plagiarism, citation and bib-liography, etc. Available soft-wares for citation and listing were discussed and demon-strated in the workshop. Post-workshop evaluation showed that the workshop was highly appreciated by the attendees. The participants requested for arranging such workshops on regular basis.


ChE Thoughts ( is a ChemicalBUET publication aiming to feature different ChE related scientific/technological issues, events and news in national and international level. ChE Thoughts will play the role to strengthen the linkage between local industry and academic.  It will play a role to promote Bangladesh chemical engineering practice: academic- research-technological, to the national and international engineering and scientific communities.

ChemicalBUET is open to appreciate any new idea on multidimensional competitions, trainings, publications and other academic activities for BUET chemical engineering students and alumni. ChemicalBUET will continue ongoing programs and keep supporting Chemical Engineering Department, BUET and other similar thinking organizations on different novel activities to promote and strengthen chemical engineering education, research and practice in Bangladesh.