The Chemical Engineering Association is the central organization of the students of the Chemical Engineering Department of BUET formed in 1979.

Presently, Dr. Syeda Sultana Razia, (Professor and Head), is the President of the association. Sheikh Waheed Baksh is the vice president of the association.

Generally, Chemical Engineering Association organizes the students’ co-curricular activities.  Every year the association is responsible for organizing –

  • Chemical Day
  • Conference for public awareness
  • Special assignment for public welfare
  • Freshmen Reception
  • Buddy program for newcomers
  • Graduates’ Farewell
  • Pohela Baishakh
  • Departmental Picnic
  • Sports
  • Project & Poster Competition
  • Photography Competition  and
  • Other cultural programs.

Apart from organizing these events the association contributes in student welfares: ensuring adequate education facilities for students.

Chemical Day

Chemical Day is the most illustrious event organized by the Chemical Engineering Association in a calendar year. The occasion is a celebration of chemical engineering progress, probity and persistence in this country. The event is marked by its incentive in congregating industrial people, graduate chemical engineers of past years, current students and teachers of Chemical Engineering Department of BUET. This occasion gives us, the chemical engineering students and teachers, the opportunity to demonstrate our accomplishments and our role in the current world of industrial development.

Moreover, the occasion includes many activities and events with chemical engineering students as the main participants and collaborators.

Events of chemical Day

The organizing events of the chemical Day are-

  • Inauguration ceremony
  • Grand Rally
  • Graduates Farewell
  • Publication of a souvenir
  • Carrier talk
  • Cultural Program
  • Film Show
  • Blood Donation
  • Games
  • Poster competition
  • Photography exhibition
  • Project and product show of various company
  • Concert
  • Ending Ceremony

Chemical Day’2007

In 2007 the Chemical Day was held on the 7th and 8th March.

Event: Grand Rally, Job Seminar, Blood Donation Program, Sports, Film Show and Cultural Evening.

Attended company:  Unilever Bangladesh was the title sponsor of the Cultural program.

The participants in Job Seminar were Unilever Bangladesh, Kohinoor Chemicals, Chevron Bangladesh Limited, Cairns Energy, British American Tobacco, Renata Limited, Youngone Textile, Global Heavy Chemicals, Tabani Beverage, Rahimafroze and many other companies.

In courtesy of local agents of ESPN and STAR-SPORTS T-shirts were distributed among teachers and students of the department.

An exclusive souvenir titled “Chemikotha” was published on the occasion of Chemical Day.

Chemical Day’2008

In 2008 the Chemical Day was successfully held on the 23rd and 24th October.

Event: Grand Rally, Job Seminar, Blood Donation Program, Sports, Film Show and Cultural Evening.

Attended company:  Nestle branding Nescafe 3 in 1 was the title sponsor for the cultural night.

Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company LTD (KAFCO) was the title sponsor of the souvenir.

The participants in Job Seminar were AST Beverage Limited, Pendekar Energy Limited, BOC Bangladesh Limited, Chevron Bangladesh Limited, Johnson & Diversy, Karnaphuli Fertlizer Company LTD, Nestle Bangladesh Limited, Rahimafroze Limited, Reckitt & Benckiser, Shah Cement Limited and Seven Rings Cement Limited.

A souvenir titled “Prayash” was published by the department on the occasion of Chemical Day.

Chemical Day’2010

In 2010 the Chemical Day was successfully held on the 29th and 30th September.

Event: Grand Rally, Job Seminar, Blood Donation Program, Poster competition and Photography exhibition, Sports, Film Show and Cultural Evening.

Attended company:Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company LTD (KAFCO) was the title sponsor for the events and souvenir.

Shah Cement Industries Limited was the Title Sponsor for the ‘Job Seminar’.

The participants in the job seminar were KAFCO, Shah Cement Industries Limited, Unilever Bangladesh Limited, Nestle Bangladesh Limited, Renata Limited, Incepta Limited, ASM Chemicals Limited, BOC Bangladesh Limited, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, Eastern Refinery Limited, and Lafarge Surma Cement Limited.

An exclusive souvenir title “Salvare” was published on the occasion of Chemical Day.

Chemical Day’ 2011

In accordance with 4 years tradition last year Chemical Association arranged a chemical day which was a 3 day long massive program. It was arranged during the 13th-15th December, 2011. The program consisted of events of multiple varieties including Job Seminar, Farewell of graduating batch and reception of newbie’s, Cultural Evening, Movie Festival, Poster Competition, Photography Exhibition, and Souvenir Publication etc. The inauguration of the program was done by a fantastic colorful rally participated by all students of Chemical Department. It rocked and rolled the whole BUET campus in a royal fashion. Then 13th December evening was given the opportunity to be the host of a memorable farewell and cultural evening. Seniors from graduating batch were presented souvenirs on behalf of the Department and an emotional farewell and it was followed by a magnificent cultural night adorned by two dramas from batch 07 and batch 09. Next was a movie festival in the following day. Remarkably every batch from the department presented their own freshly prepared movies which stunned the whole BUET folks. It was an awesome show of the talent and innovation of the students of ChE department. In the meantime poster competition and photography exhibition took place on their respective grounds. And last but not the least rather the most significant event was the job seminar. It was held on December 15th from dawn to dusk. Various renowned companies, both Chemical and Other industries presented them in front of the students while students also satisfied their queries about the highly competitive job market asking various questions to the representatives of the companies. The main purpose of the job seminar was to establish a bridge between the students and job providers and simultaneously develop knowledge and preparation of career among the students. It was a huge success. After the daylong job seminar cultural night came to refresh the troubled minds in a melodious fashion. Whole BUET was fascinated by the performance of the Chemerz. They sang, they danced, they rocked and won the heart of thousands. The three day program also included publication of ‘Espectro’ (Souvenir) which contains the writings of the teachers and students of chemical department and two dinners and one lunch. The Chemical Day 2011 was indeed an unforgettable event. It not only was a touchy formal farewell of Batch ’06 but also a combined effort of Chemical family which greatly improved the interaction between different batches and a perpetual bond among us.

Chemical Festival 2015

“Chemical Festival 2015”, a successful techno-cultural program held at BUET campus on December 9-10, 2015 in a view to brand the Chemical Engineering profession around the country as well as facilitate the talents of this department. This was jointly organized by Chemical Engineering Association (ChEA) and Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET. A Job Seminar, a Graduate Farewell Program of the graduating batch and a Grand Cultural Program were the main segments of this festival. Tiger Cement was the Associate Sponsor and Pubali Bank was the Co-Sponsor of the event. Also, Petregaz (Petredec Elpiji Ltd.) was the Cultural Night Sponsor; Petromax Refinery Ltd. was the T-shirts Sponsor and Novoair and Modern Erection Ltd. (MEL) were the Banners & Posters Sponsors of this program. Newzealand Dairy Products Bangladesh Ltd. branding “Deetos” was the Snacks Partner and Dhaka Tribune was the Media Partner of the event. The program was participated by the top companies of Bangladesh related to this profession, e.g. KAFCO, Chevron, Renata etc. in a view to explore the job fields of upcoming ChE graduates. “Eminence”- an official publication of ChEA was also published on this occasion.